The Main Purpose Of Double-sided Adhesive Tape With Strong Viscosity

- Jul 10, 2017-

Double-sided cloth base tape to easy to tear gauze as the substrate, coated with high-viscosity double-sided adhesive, and with the release paper from the compound. Has a stable double-sided adhesive, high adhesion, tensile strength, high peel strength characteristics. Double-sided cloth tape with environmental protection, odorless, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, stable double-sided adhesive, tensile strength, strong sticky, high peel force, fixed effect, With easy to tear, strong sticky, good paste service, waterproof and so on.

The use of double-sided cloth tape:

1, suitable for carpet decoration, bonding, sealing, wall decoration, indoor wiring, fixed shelves and metal objects, such as splicing fixed.

2, double-sided cloth tape for the carpet edge, the layout of the exhibition of high-wear-resistant tape can also be used for advertising curtain wall fixed

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