Sealing Tape To Buy Skills

- Jul 10, 2017 -

To determine the sealing tape material is qualified? Smell the smell, look at the sealing tape whether there is a considerable acid odor, if there is a poor glue coated, this is the inferior tape. 2. with the naked eye to see the material to see if the kind of very yellow and yellow material, this bopp material is poor. Ordinary yellow and partial white is better.

Tensile tape Pull out a part of the tape with a force to pull to see if the tensile strength, large elongation.

Tape tape sticky? There is a professional test the beginning of the machine. Now with manual testing, pull a roll of tape attached to the carton and then tear off, see if the paperboard paper tattoo tear together, if the tear together to prove that the tape can be the initial tack.

Measuring the thickness of the tape? General market tape thickness is 40u-60u (glue plus BOPP film thickness) range, of course, the price is also very different. There is also a professional thickness gauge for the standard. National standard tape thickness of 50u (thickness 28u, glue 22u).

Measuring the length and width of the whole tape It is harder to measure this roll length without rewinding. So the market is a lot of tape length of the major files are false, some different. According to the thickness of 50u can be calculated, then there is a difference, such as the size of paper tube thickness, and the whole volume of the issue of elastic.

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