What We Do?

Liaoning EO Technology co., Ltd.

Shenyang of Liaoning. We are a professional manufacturer of various packaging tapes. After 20 years of development, EO company has been expanding, and now is China's largest supplier of tape in the north, the products are exported around the world.

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Hot Products
  • China Jumbo Roll Bopp Tape
    China Jumbo Roll Bopp Tape

    Integrate the industrial chain to help the new future Coating based processing technology has...

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  • Breathable Medical Tape
    Breathable Medical Tape

    breathable, thin, conformable polyurethane film coated with gentle acrylate adhesive provided on...

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  • Single Coated Polyester Medical Tape
    Single Coated Polyester Medical Tape

    consists of a polyester film coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Primarily used...

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  • Medical Adhesive Transfer Tape
    Medical Adhesive Transfer Tape

    The liner is a bleached Kraft-Glassine paper, coated on both sides with silicone. The transfer...

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  • Medical Adhesive
    Medical Adhesive

    This highly conformable transfer adhesive combines comfort for long term wear with reliable...

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  • Medical Tape 1504XL
    Medical Tape 1504XL

    adhesive designed for medical device construction, as well as stick-to-skin applications. The...

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  • Printing Tape
    Printing Tape

    3M™ 9442 Adhesive Transfer Tape is a 2.0 mil, 350 high holding acrylic adhesive with 3.2 mil, 55...

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  • Aluminum Foil Tape 425
    Aluminum Foil Tape 425

    This foil is thermally conductive for heating and cooling efficiency and resists weather,...

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