Five Major Explosion-proof Membrane Brand In The World

- Apr 09, 2018-

In the upcoming hot summer season, does your car need to be protected? It is best to apply a car explosion-proof membrane. There are many brands of automotive explosion-proof membranes. The quality of each brand and the degree of people's affection are not the same. What are the top five explosion-proof membrane brands?

A. 3M. The quality of 3M’s tape products is well-known, explosion-proof membranes are mainly for certain series of car models to make protection, it can lower the grade of car UV, the car heat treatment, but also to prevent the glass from breaking, Headlight glare prevention function.

B. LLumarLLumar membrane is also a kind of explosion-proof membrane imported from the United States. At present, it is mainly applied to famous cars such as Audi and BMW. It can withstand minor scratches, and at the same time, it can reflect the heat after the sun goes up.

C. Quantum film. Quantum film also belongs to the United States imported explosion-proof membrane, designed for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and other cars, with high-definition and strong thermal insulation, strong anti-ultraviolet function.

D. V-Kool. It mainly imported from the United States, suitable for Pentium, Chevrolet and other models, it is the same as other explosion-proof membranes which is able to block ultraviolet and infrared. It feels very flexible and very high definition.

E. Ray-Ban belongs to the United States or Japan imported explosion-proof membrane, mainly suitable for Peugeot, Hyundai and other models, its characteristic is very low reflective rate, from the inside to see through, from the outside is not clear.

I believe that the friends with cars all know that these five explosion-proof film brands, the effect is very good, but the price is relatively expensive than the general explosion-proof film, we should buy the corresponding explosion-proof film brand according to their actual situation.

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