The World Of Tape Is Really Big

- Mar 22, 2018-

The world of human life is rich and colorful. The adhesive tape also has a diverse world. It is not only transparent tape, but also to the manufacturers, logistics and children's stationery. A large family of tape, let me said one afternoon would not be enough, then please follow me steps, to see the world tape!

The first member is PVC electrical insulation adhesive tape, which is nicknamed electrician tape. Because of the character "high cold", it has good insulation, combustible, voltage resistance, cold resistance and so on. It is a good helper for the electrician. You can often see electrical tape around a variety of motors, such as transformers, motors, capacitors, regulators, and so on.

The second members are medical tape. This member is mild and close to nature, so it is non-toxic and irritant and has good air permeability. It is a good helper of the angel of white. You often see him in the hospital. She helps you to relieve the pain, and more for the medical sterilized cotton bag with cross envelopes.

The third members are packing tape, which is also called BOPP tape and packing tape. It is "thin" and "very light" because its glue layer is only 8 micron m--28 m, which is an indispensable commodity in light industry enterprises, companies and human life, and is a good helper in our daily life.

Fourth is a member with a superconducting conductive adhesive tape. Its superpower is conductive because it "wears" a metal foil or conductive cloth with high conductivity. Due to electrical conductivity, conductive tape can be electrically bonded with any metal surface to finish electrical lap and gap. It will play a great role in our life.

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