Eye Fatigue? Premier Han's Left Eye Pasted Tape And Presided Over The National Affairs Conference

- Mar 23, 2018-

The day before, industrial and Commercial Bank held eight in violation of the provisions of the central spirit and the violation of public funds to buy high-end liquor consumption special rectification work conference summary. In August of this year, the Three Gorges group also organized a centralized investigation and renovation work on the issue of public funds for the purchase and consumption of high-grade liquor. [detailed]

10-1109-10 Youth Online

FAST is located in Guizhou Province, Pingtang County named Tai Wo Taipa in Karst depression, the receiving area equivalent to the size of 30 football fields, is currently the world's largest and most sensitive single aperture radio telescope. It can be said that in order to build a large radio telescope China, over a lifetime of Ren Dong Nan, devoted all his ability and cleverness. [detailed]

10-1118-10 Xinhua News Agency

In September 26th, Zhao county branch, Mo Xiang Jue village Adler Octogene point group preschool teacher Gio Wuhrer Lo lrrr carrying a child to climb ladders. The power of love, let Ji Wu Pirlo choose to marry into the "cliff village"; because this child is very cute, she chose to stay in the village, when the kindergarten teacher. [detailed]

10-1117-10 Huaxi Metropolis Daily

On 9 July, a preliminary report from Thailand police showed that the DNA sample could not be matched, so there was no evidence to prosecute the police officers. It was reported that 3 police officers were suspected of assisting Yingla to escape from Thailand, including 1 deputy police officers, 1 inspectors and 1 grass-roots police officers. [detailed]

New network in 10-1118-10

Reporter Qi Ying, Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in June 30th, announcing that Russia would no longer pay the remaining membership fees of 2017 until the European Commission unconditionally restored all the legitimate rights of the Russian delegation. According to Russian news agency reported on October 10th, the European Commission said the Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland before Russia decided not to pay for the remaining dues in 2017, the European commission...

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