The Influence Of Tape Raw Materials On Tape

- Jul 10, 2017-

For the same tape, if its molecular weight or molecular weight distribution is different, for the same tape, if its composition is different, the tape processing performance and the mechanical properties of the film, physical and chemical properties will be different. This suggests that we should pay attention to the grade and grade of the polymer when selecting the tape. In the production of plastic film, often in the polymer to add some additives, and the types and properties of these additives have a significant impact on the performance of the film.

In the production of tape, often by the polymer and some additives according to a certain ratio of mixing to achieve the purpose of improving certain aspects of performance.

The influence of tape raw materials on tape

1, polyethylene can be added to the tape raw materials such as tape to improve the smoothness of the tape,

2, in the preparation of polyethylene film, because it is easy to thermal decomposition must be added stabilizer.

3, the tape must have a reasonable formula combination, the formula in the tape to have the appropriate proportion of raw materials. Adjust the composition and ratio, you can change the performance of the tape.

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