How To Pick A Tape

- Jul 10, 2017 -

First, smell the taste of tape:

    The taste is very strong and there is a sour taste, then the retention of this tape is very poor, especially in the low temperature environment, the basic sticky cardboard will crack, the more the taste when the feel is the first stick Sticky, but soon the glue will dry and thus lose glue, then the performance on the tape surface cracks, this is because the uneven relationship between the coating.

Second, look at the brightness of tape film:

    The quality of the general bad tape film will be dark, the probability of this tape fracture is very high, the intensity is poor.

Third, touch the thickness of the tape:

     Feel the film hard tape are generally more times, and because the film thickness, the actual number of meters will be reduced. Good tape selected by the film are relatively soft, good stretch by hand good.

Fourth, look at the color of tape:

     General transparent tape appearance of the more white color, less tape impurities in order to ensure the normal glue, 100 meters below the tape has a certain degree of transparency can see the paper tube. Yellow tape to see whether the surface of the tape irregular distribution of white spots, hand pressure can not wipe the imprinting of impurities or glue, this product is generally with a smell.

Fifth, look at the tape of the paper tube:

     Selection of thick paper tube tape is generally to mislead consumption, tape production is started from abroad, so the tape of the paper tube diameter is a unified 7.6 cm, but the quality of the tape in the thickness of the paper tube is done enough effort, And the situation caused by many consumers still have a relationship, many people think that the thicker paper tube, the larger the outer ring, the tape on the volume of the more has been wrong.

Sixth, look at the tape tightness:

     Tape from the semi-finished products to the finished product is the process of using the machine to take the winding, have a certain tension. If the tension is large, the tape will be coiled relatively tight, the tape should be neat in accordance with the conventional system, so that there is no gap between the tape, glue and air to a small extent, you can extend the shelf life of the tape and the maximum retention tape Adhesion.

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