Industrial Tape

- Jul 10, 2017 -

Industrial tape is a general term for use in various industrial applications. Mainly used to fix and protect a variety of products, as well as the production process to provide protection and so on. Industrial tape is widely used in China and many fields such as industry, transportation, electronic communication, security, business, medical care, personal care, electronics, electrical, construction, culture and education and consumption.

Classification:Heat-resistant tape

Features: quality, good quality, original import.

Specialty: excellent resistance to inflammation, in the hand feel very soft,

Fine piping and slag space is also easy to construct.

The skin of fragile fibers is not irritating.

Organic solvents, can resist weak acid substances.

Uses: anti-inflammatory, heat preservation

To prevent all kinds of piping, machine fire injury.

Specifications: Operating

Temperature range: 250C °(The use time of 250 ° C is 1 week)

No adhesive, resistant to fibrous plain.

Material: resistant to inflammation

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