Resealable Tape Strip

Resealable Tape Strip

The ziplock bags can be used for the packaging of various small items (accessories, hardware, toys).

Product Details

The ziplock bags made of food-grade raw materials can store a variety of small foods, tea, seafood, etc., moisture-proof, odor-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, and prevent things from falling; ziplock bags can also be used for the packaging of clothing and other daily products, and have a wide range of uses. The self-sealing bag can be used in the electronic industry by adding anti-static masterbatch when blowing film is produced to produce an anti-static ziplock bag.


The production of  Ziplock Bags is divided into two types. One is direct blown film molding, and the above is generally 1.8CM above the self-sealed mouth. It is relatively thick near the self-sealing mouth. The left and right sides of the Ziplock bag are sealed by thermoseal and finished into finished products; The method of attaching a chain, the latter method is mainly used for the production of composite bags.


Self-adhesive zipper bags are mainly produced by single film cross-cutting, heat-sealed on both sides, the length of the bag is not the same, one side is 3-5cm longer than the other side can be folded back part of the folded back on the stickers, Destructive rubber and other colloids, when used to tear open the plastic cover on the plastic back to seal the bag.

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