Double Sided Foam Adhesive Stationary Tape (substitute of 3M VHB 5925 Grey Automotive Mounting Very High Bond Strong Industrial Grade)

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: BY5064B

  • Adhesivity: Double-Sided Tape

  • Tape Surface Material: PE

  • Adhesive Membrane Type: PET

  • Tickness: 0.05-2.0mm

  • Adhesion: Acrylic

  • Release Liner: White Release Paper

  • Adhesive Side: Two Side Coated

  • Application: Internal and External Decorations

  • Trademark: EO

  • Specification: 800mm*33m

  • HS Code: 3919090

  • Technics: No Printing

  • Apply Ambient Temperature: High Temperature Tape

  • Adhesive Surface Materials: Polyester PET

  • Adhesive Backing Paper: Polyethylene

  • Length: 100m,33m,50m,16.5m

  • Carrier: No Carrier

  • Release Liner Color: White

  • Jumbo Roll Size: 800mm*33m

  • Key Feature: Double Sided Foam Adhesive Stationary Tape

  • Transport Package: Standard Package Export

  • Origin: Mainland China

Product Description

Double Sided Foam Adhesive Stationary Tape (substitute of 3M VHB 5925 Grey Automotive Mounting Very High Bond Strong Industrial Grade)

Acrylic foam tape is made of solvent acrylic adhesive and laminated with paper release liner or film release liner.

1. With the features of waterproof, shock absorption, heat-resistant, sound insulation, weather-resistant, ease to die-cut.
2. Acrylic tape is designed to provide very high bond strength on a variety of substrates.
3. Used to replace mechanical fasteners in appliance, automotive, signs, graphics, glass curtain wall attachment and other manufacturing applications.

Main usage:
1. In glass curtain wall application, acrylic tape offers a strong adhesion and achieves perfect sealing results.
2. In such construction technology, the tape is used for the purpose of heat/water/air insulating and sealing, jointing and bonding, repairing, marking ect.
3.  In the process of assembling light industry, acrylic tape offers high bonding and fixing strength to electronic parts, LED plate ect.
4.  In automotive industry, acrylic tape is widely used for insetting strips on vehicles,   bumpers, nameplates, internal and external decorations ect.
5.  It's the best substitute of 3M products.

Bought in order to fix things around the house.
This is really great foam tape.
It becomes really strong over time after applying it and can hold on very well.
With other foam tapes we usually ended up having to replace it since it would come off.
With this one we know we have to do it just once.


(Adhesive) (Temp.Res.)

(Substitute    of 3M)
1BY5064B0.64black80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oC 4929/5925
2BY3050C0.50transparent80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4905
3BY3100C1.00transparent80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4910
4BY3150C1.50transparent80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4915
5BY3200C2.00transparent80016.5Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4918
6BY5025G0.25grey80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4216/5355
7BY5040G0.40grey80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4215/4926
8BY5080G0.80grey80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4213/4229
9BY5120G1.20grey80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4941/4611/
10BY5150G1.50grey80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4956/5356
11BY5200G2.00grey80016.5Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4620/4991
12BY6025G0.25white80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4914
13BY6040W0.40white80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4920
14BY6064W0.64white80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4932/4930
15BY6080W0.80white80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4647/4253
16BY6120W1.20white80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4945/4950
17BY6150W1.50white80033.0Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4624
18BY6200W2.00white80016.5Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4912/4955
19BY6300W3.00white80016.5Modified acrylic≥120oChigh4959/5359

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